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Tara Faughnan {Episode #129}

Today's guest is Tara Faughnan. Living in Oakland, California, Tara is a textile designer, quilter, teacher and wife. During our conversation, we talk about how she has developed her sense of color, her double wedding ring and Pine Burr quilts, the importance of valuing your work, and her upcoming role as a Quilt Con judge. I hope you enjoy this interview. 

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Mark Lipinski {Episode #128}

As the fourth guest in my Slow Making series, today's guest is Mark Lipinski of Pickle Road Studios. After a career in television production, including shows like Oprah, the View, Crossing Over and Sally Jesse Raphael, Mark decided to follow his creative passion and enter the quilting world. Never content to stay on the sidelines, Mark founded and edited Quilters Home magazine, was the co-host of Quilting Out Loud (a television show about quilting), hosted an internet radio station called Creative Mojo, formed the Slow Stitching Movement, while designing fabric and patterns. Through his laid back style and vast experience, Mark has entertained and inspired countless quilters. He is also a devoted father and supported by his life partner. After discovering Mark had a genetic kidney disease, he has changed his creative practice to support his refined sense of self and place. During our discussion, we talk about how the industry has changed since he became involved, how he balances his life as a "sewlebrity", why he started the slow stitching movement and more. I hope you enjoy this thoughtful interview. 


Special thanks to Plum Deluxe, a Portland, Oregon based tea company who hand blends small batches of loose leaf tea, for sponsoring this episode.

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Roderick Kiracofe {Episode #124}

Today's guest is Roderick Kiracofe. Living in San Francisco, Roderick is a former quilt dealer, quilt collector, and author of The American Quilt: A History of Cloth and Comfort, Cloth and Comfort: Pieces of Women's Lives from Their Quilts and Diaries as well as Unconventional and Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar. During our conversation we talk about the beginning of his quilt collecting, his passion for quilt history, why he took a break from the industry and how he overcame his own form of imposter syndrome to write Unconventional and Unexpected. This is a longer interview but there is so much important quilt and cultural history that I wanted to preserve. I hope you enjoy Roderick's forty year journey and wisdom. 

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