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Alex Anderson {Quilty Box May Edition}

Posted on May 15th, 2017

Today's guest is Alex Anderson. Living in Northern California, Alex is a quilting legend who has written thirty books, is an ambassador for Bernina sewing machines, designs fabric for RJR Fabrics, is a founding partner of the Quilt Show and so much more. During our discussion, we talk about how Alex met Ricky Tims, how she describes her career, the start of the Quilt Show, her advice for quilters developing their voice, what she included in her Quilty Box and how she plans her future projects.

This episode is sponsored by Quilty Box. Since 2013, Quilty Box has delivered quilting inspiration to your door each month. Featured artists help curate a collection of the latest fabrics, newest products, and best designs. Treat yourself to a monthly surprise at

Podcast music by Mekanism Sound.

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