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Sara Trail and the Social Justice Sewing Academy {Episode #138}

Posted on May 14th, 2018

Today's podcast episode is a bit different than those of the past. I became interested in the Social Justice Sewing Academy  in April of last year while working on my "Make a Difference" series and highlighted their work in this post. Since then, I have watched their progress through social media and saw pieces of their work firsthand at Quilt Con. For this interview, I start with a segment from Colleen Haraden, who is their Operations Director. We recorded before Quilt Con and talked about her volunteer experiences along with how their Quilt Con pieces came together. The second segment is an interview with Sara Trail, the Executive Director. We talk about her work with the Social Justice Sewing Academy along with her creative journey, the lessons she hopes to bring out in her student, the impact of trauma, and her work today. This is a thought provoking episode and I hope you enjoy it.

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